I want it

I want it

Gotta make a kick ass Eldar list for this weekends tourniment!

I have the list mostly done but if anyone had any suggestions I’d love to hear them

so got any advice?

I also need a potential 1500 list, one of the people who I talk to on facebook about warhammer said they’re gonna have a tournament on the 18th at his local shop and I may go so 1500 tips too

What’s your favorite thing about 6th Edition so far??

Mine is Mysterious Objectives.

I have the option to buy all this for $300, but it’d be abig money strain! What’s a gal to do

17 dire Avengers + 1 Exarch
1 Fire Prism
11 Howling Banshees
5 Dark Reapers
1 Avatar of Khaine HQ
3 Falcon Grav Tanks (two are unopened and still in the plastic)
6 Warlocks
5 Wraithgaurd
1 Wraithlord
17 Guradians
1 box of unopened gurdians still in plastic
6 Fire Dragons
Both the old and new codexes
a collection of white dwarf magazines
And finally
1 Carrying Case

Got a huge Eldar vs Eldar battle tonight anyone got some tips?

Does anyone have an opinion on NIght Spinners? I think I may really want one.

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(via Eldar Avatar of Khaine vs. Keeper of Secrets by ~Klausmasterflex)